Mailman 3 hosting--

Mailman 3 hosting

How To Find Mailman 3 Credentials?

There are two options for obtaining your application credentials:

Option 1: Find Password By Checking The System Log On The AWS Cloud Console (EC2)

Note: This password is only available in the system log for the first 24 hours after you first start the instance.

The application password is randomly generated during the first boot. This password can be viewed as follows:

1. Log in to the AWS Cloud Console.

2. Select the "Compute -> EC2" option.

3. In the left navigation bar, click the "Instances -> Instances" menu item.

4. Select your instance in the dashboard.

5. From the "Actions" drop-down menu, select the "Get System Log" menu item.

6. Review the system log until you find the application credentials.

Option 2: Find Password By Connecting To Your Application Through SSH

The generated application credentials are saved in a file as well. To obtain the password at any time, follow these instructions:

1. Connect to the instance through SSH.

2. Run the following command to see your application credentials:

cat ./mailman3-credentials

What is Mailman?

GNU Mailman is a mailing list management software.
Mailman project was started long time ago before the Millennium.
Since its birth it has become the most intelligent tool for handling mailing lists ever.
Huge number of companies with Fortune 500 members among them have been using Mailman for years.
The new version Mailman 3 brings to us even better user experience and communication power.