Mailman 3 hosting

Mailman 3 hosting


Is it possible to configure Mailman 3 for an already registered domain?

Totally possible.

You can also set up separately - a mail domain (e.g. ""), and a web UI domain (e.g. "").

Please note, that for a second-level mail domain (like "") it wouldn't be possible to use a mail server along with Mailman 3, as they will share the same MX record. However, it's possible to configure email redirects for addresses like "", which don't belong to Mailman 3. Hence, email, which is not related to the mailing lists system, will be forwarded to an external mailbox.

Do you offer mailboxes?

No, we don't.

What methods are you using to ensure solid delivery to subscribers? DKIM, SPF support?

SPF and DKIM are indeed supported. ARC is supported as well.

We also maintain a dedicated sending farm for the best deliverability to rigorous ESPs like Yahoo.

Why emails from a mailing list fall into Spam folder of my mailbox?

Unfortunately, even with the most rigorous configuration of MTA (Mail Transport Agent), some ESPs (Email Service Providers) still consider mailing lists as suspicious correspondence. The only reliable way to solve this is with help of SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme). Follow this screenshot to set up DMARC mitigation, which enables SRS for your mailing list.

Where are your servers located?

The shared servers are located in the EU. There are two target regions for the Dedicated plan deployments: the EU and the US.

Portability of our data? Will we be able to obtain a backup of our list data and server files?

Definitely. We provide database backups as well as files archives that can be downloaded from User Control Panel.

Do you support custom integrations with Mailman 3 API?

Yes, we do – from Dedicated plan. The feature is disabled by default, reach to the support if you need it.

Do you provide Mailman shell access?

Yes, we do – from Dedicated plan. The feature is disabled by default, reach to the support if you need it.

What is Mailman?

GNU Mailman is a mailing list management software.
Mailman project was started long time ago before the Millennium.
Since its birth it has become the most intelligent tool for handling mailing lists ever.
Huge number of companies with Fortune 500 members among them have been using Mailman for years.
The new version Mailman 3 brings to us even better user experience and communication power.