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Mailman 3 SAAS

We offer:

Mailman 3 Core + Postorius UI + HyperKitty

in shared server

  • For sites up to 1GB data, 300K emails/mo

…or your own domain:

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Open-source support initiative

We love open-source software and provide free hosting for OSS mailing lists.
To apply, send a project URL and approximate monthly volume to our email.

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What is Mailman?

GNU Mailman is a mailing list management software.
Mailman project was started long time ago before the Millennium.
Since its birth it has become the most intelligent tool for handling mailing lists ever.
Huge number of companies with Fortune 500 members among them have been using Mailman for years.
The new version Mailman 3 brings to us even better user experience and communication power. (this site) is unaffiliated with, the domain used to coordinate development of the Mailman 3 free software suite. The Mailman 3 core developers are not involved with, and cannot answer any questions or provide any support related to its operations. If you are looking for resources for development of the Mailman 3 free software suite, please see