Mailman 3 hosting


Mailman 3 hosting


On this page you can find a list of features which provide added value in case you choose instead of self-hosting.


  • Web-proxy, SQL database, and MTA seamless integration
  • Automated TLS certificate provision and renewal
  • DKIM, SPF, and ARC configuration
  • DNS configuration
  • Support with data migration

    Extra features

  • One-click unsubscribe
  • On-demand digest sending web-UI
  • Secured external endpoint for Mailman 3 API
  • Support of Mailman 3 API integration development
  • Role-based access control for Mailman 3 API
  • Original technology to improve email delivery to rigorous ESPs
  • Blacklists and feedback loops monitoring
  • Gateway to Usenet


  • Server health monitoring
  • OS updates
  • Mailman 3 application updates
  • Database and filesystem backups
  • Instant vulnerabilities fixing

    Why not self-hosted?

    One would expect from the open-source software that it should be fine to self-host. It was true for Mailman version 2 indeed. However, Mailman 3 has been developed as a complex modern three-tier web application including full-fledged frontend, backend, and relational database components.

    While the average technical level of Mailman 3 administrators has grown significantly in the last few years, so has the effort and complexity of the application maintenance.

    When self-host, one should be an expert and senior practitioner in quite diverse topics, i.e.:

  • Python development practices
  • Python software lifecycle
  • Django framework
  • Web servers and proxies
  • Relational databases
  • MTA and networking
  • Email deliverability

    Additionally, Mailman 3 administrator should have developer experience and be able to use Mailman 3 Gitlab repository for updates, since the Mailman 3 release cycle is not well defined and Linux distribution packages are outdated, non-existent, or not production-ready.

    This really differs from what we were used to in Mailman maintenance for version 2. And this is why our SAAS offerings exist in the first place.

  • What is Mailman?

    GNU Mailman is a mailing list management software.
    Mailman project was started long time ago before the Millennium.
    Since its birth it has become the most intelligent tool for handling mailing lists ever.
    Huge number of companies with Fortune 500 members among them have been using Mailman for years.
    The new version Mailman 3 brings to us even better user experience and communication power.